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Born in Arezzo in 1965, he first joined the world of music when he was 12, studying clarinet in his village’s banda (Subbiano, near Arezzo, Tuscany). The first big change happened at 15,  when he bought a bass guitar, a Marvin, and formed his first band called GOINGS which was playing quite tough covers ov pregressive rock bands like Yes, Boston,  Rush and hard lock like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. During this period he developed his musical tasted, preferring the Seventies rock scene, with band like Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant and Rush at the top of his choices.

After a few years, precisely in 1990, he first visited Ireland, bought a few tin whistles and a lot of cds of Irish music, ending up in being settled down with the sound of uilleann pipes which he saw played in the Galway streets.  He went back to Ireland the next year and got a practice set from a pipe maker, Charles Roberts, living in Glencar, co.Sligo.  Back home, he started practising and after one year formed a band with some friends named LA CASA DEL VENTO, touring Italy after they took part to AREZZO WAVE Festival in 1992. In the meantime he was also asked to join a band called MAZAPEGUL, formed by musicians living in Bagno di Romagna, notably MIRCO MARIANI , drummer with Vinicio Capossela, and VALERIO CORZANI, former bass player of Mau Mau.  During a gig with them, in a club called Onirica in Parma, he met Cisco, singer of MODENA CITY RAMBLERS. It will be the beginning of a long collaborations which will lead him to tour Italy more and more, Europe and also other continents like South Africa and Cuba. until 2002. He also found time enough to form DUCTIA, a trio with his friends Stefano Santoni and Carlo Gnocchini which played and wrote instrumental music, which recorded 5 cds and took part to several festivals both in Italy and abroad, and also to record with such artists as Paola e Chiara, Paola Turci, Vinicio Capossela. In 1997 he toured with CRAOBH RUA, a four members band from Belfast playing traditional irish at its best, playing six gigs through all Italy. It won’t be his only collaborations with foreign musicians: he played over the years with John Renbourn, Pierre Bensusan, Chieftains.


2001 is the year which sees his first solo album coming out: CELTICARAVAN will be the beginning of a story which led him to record six solo cds, where he played all the instruments and then he toured with a band of five members. In the meantime, after he left Modena City Ramblers, he joined WHISKY TRAIL, legendary Italian band (from Florence) , the very first who played irish music in Italy. He wrote the  CHAOSMOS album with them after a few collaborations happened in the previous years, and played regularly with them on stage.

The main event in those years was tooking part a huge movie shot in Rome by Martin Scorsese: GANGS OF NEW YORK, where he played tin whistle in a couple of tracks and played also a very small role in the movie itself, having his name in the soundtrack’s cd along with names like PETER GABRIEL, U2, AFRO CELT SOUND SYSTEM and FINBAR FUREY.

Since 2000 he started to be a producer, welcoming different bands in his studio: Rodolfo Montuoro, La Tresca, Kabila, Fabio Puglia, Taberna Vinaria and Società del Chiassobujo shared with Massimo musc and creativity with very good results.


Many has been the collaborations with other artists during these years: Cisco, Inchanto, Vallesanta Corde, Lou Dalfin. To be noticed the publishing of a cd in 2011 titled TERRE IN VISTA, a four-hands job with his friend, the singer RAFFAELLO SIMEONI.

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